Clef nite

Clef nite is a classical guitarist, recording artist and a student of Berklee College of Music based in the Boston/New York area

Clef nite is a guitarist, singer, songwriter, and producer on the rise. Born Victor Chukwunonso, Clef blends masterful classical technique with a deep and lyrical musicality to create cascading melodies and steady-groove rhythms that move the heart and the body.  Boldly sincere and vibrant, his music satisfies the rebel, the lover, the wanderer and the sage.

The Nigerian-born artist was discovered by a popular music producer/artist, Mekoyo while he attended the University Of Nigeria Nsukka. From apprentice music producer at C Mountain Studios Abuja, he eventually became the studio's in-house producer.  


Inevitably, working with so many of Nigeria’s musical stars, he began developing the signature sound for his own music.

Clef has gifted live audiences from Nigeria to New York, from Boston to London and, being in high demand, his collaborations have been many.  He is featured on the album of musician and filmmaker, SIJI. He’s shared the MTV spotlight with Sony Music artist Nneka as a featured acoustic guitarist. He accompanied Black Thought from the popular Hip Hop band The Roots on BET 106 & Park. He has also been called upon for songwriting collaborations, performances, and recording by numerous emerging artists.

 Currently, a student at Berklee College Of Music, Clef continues to perform while working on his latest album as well as his company that develops the voice of emerging talents